AC Electric

Solar (Photovoltaic)
Solar systems consist of solar modules put together in an array that can be installed as a ground mount, fixed pole mount, pole tracker mount or on the roof. The DC electricity produced from the array is then converted to AC electricity by an inverter so it can be used to help supplement power usage, give you peace of mind with a reliable back up power system, or eliminate your power utility company in an off-grid situation.

A grid-tie system may be battery-less or have a back-up battery bank. While battery-less still provides you with lower or no power bill and can turn your meter backwards, it does not continue to provide electricity once the grid supplied power goes down. With battery back-up the essential comforts, such as the heating system, a refrigerator, a few lighting circuits and possibly your well, will stay functioning during emergencies. Although batteries add cost and maintenance to a grid-tied system, the added security may be worth the extra start up cost. Either way you choose, the return on your investment will be greater and quicker tied to the grid.

Off-grid systems offer clients the independence and luxury of sufficient electricity generally in remote areas whether it be strictly solar, wind generation, or both with a battery back-up. With this we also offer a charge controller which helps to charge batteries so power is available during the night or bad weather. These charge controllers will also help extend the longevity of the batteries. Various fuel powered generators may also be integrated with wind and solar into an off-grid scenario.



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