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Many may expect a wind turbine to be outrageously huge, not readily available, or impractical and rule out their home, farm, ranch, or small business as a prime candidate for wind energy. Small wind turbines, which are defined as having rated capacities of 100 kilowatts and less, are readily available, quiet and efficient. Some wind turbines we offer are 32 ft. tall and will start to generate electricity in as low as a 7-10 mph breeze and reach full production capacity at 12-25 mph winds. On average these turbines yield 400kw/hrs per month and greater, while others we offer provide our clients much greater capabilities that may be enticing to the larger farms and ranches. Much like solar, wind turbines are also able to charge battery back-up banks and applied on or off the utility grid. Due to our unpredictable weather circumstances, a combination of wind and solar power may be a great choice for your optimal system.

As the efficiency of renewable energy systems improves and the costs continue to decline, they are becoming an increasingly attractive investment capable of saving significant money. Consumers who install these systems are also eligible for a 30% federal tax credit on the cost for systems placed in service before December 31, 2016 as well as state specific incentives such as a property tax exemption for the value-added to your home after installing a renewable energy system.

For more specific information on federal, state and local incentive we have a link to a website that provides a comprehensive overview of renewable energy incentives and policies. Don't opt out of an affordable, reliable, practical, and efficient system for you without contacting the specialists at A.C. Wind and Solar.



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